The Erosion of Loneliness

In my life, I am experiencing loneliness in a deep way for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that my kids are launching into independent lives. Not only are they both fairly able to manage their work and schedules with some, but often little, direction from me, they are quite good friends….

Digging Deep

I love music, it speaks to me. I am one of those ‘sing at the top of your lungs’ while in the car people. Music brings me joy and sadness, it seems to reach the emotions I often try to mask. NeedToBreathe is one of my favorite Christian bands. The chorus of their song, Wasteland,…

For My Kids

On Mother’s Day about four years ago, I gave my children a gift. And this Mother’s Day, I am re-gifting it to them. Why re-gift? It made an impression then, but now, as teenagers, we are having more conversations about how to navigate through life, make big decisions, manage relationships, and cling to each other….

Opportunity and Sacrifice

I have a 13 year old son who is in seventh grade. He amazes and frustrates me all at the same time. And, much to his chagrin, he brings me to tears often, and not because of frustration or disagreement, most often it is the result of amazement and pride. Cole has decided he wants…

Look Me In The Eyes

I live a fairly fast-paced life. I work full time as an event planner for a private school and have two teenagers that each have significant passions in addition to their school work (neither of whom drive yet). This means I spend a lot of time driving to schools, church, cello lessons, horse stables, etc….

A Perspective on Struggle

Struggle. It’s a yucky word. It is an overwhelming word. It reeks of battle and blood and hurt and destruction and rope burns and violence. It also feels like loneliness and despair, if we let it. But struggle is a verb, not a noun. It is not something we are and it does not define us or…

Perfection Above The Waves

I am a perfectionist by design, it is in my DNA. I find myself in a time of life that requires me to fight my perfectionistic nature at every turn. I simply cannot maintain my expectations. My house is not as clean as it has been in the past, I do not cook as creatively…